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AR 1-202 Army Congressional Fellowship Program

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Sec. Gates

Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates

“the Army has always needed entrepreneurial leaders with a broad perspective and a diverse range of skills.” The Secretary of Defense highlights various career enhancing opportunities, “in addition to the essential troop command and staff assignments, you should look for opportunities…(that) might include…being a congressional fellow.”

- Robert Gates, West Point NY, February 2011

Sec. Gates

US Senator James Inhofe, Oklahoma

"The fellowship program -- one thing that -- I see a guy sitting two seats to your left that is a part of that. The only problem with that program, you learn to love these guys and gals, then they're gone. I don't know how we can correct that, though. So I appreciate the fact that we went down -- we started limiting that program that you're -- about 15 years ago, and it's been increasing since then. I would encourage you to keep that trend up.“

- Senator James Inhofe, Capitol Hill, March 2011

Sec. Gates

Senator Saxby Chambliss, Georgia

SEN Chambliss, "I want to commend you, likewise, on this fellowship program and -- and appreciate your comments and strong support of that. I had just been blessed, going back to my days in the House, with outstanding young men and women serving in my office. And it's been a privilege to have a chance to dialogue with those folks, one on one, about what really is happening out there, which, in addition to the great service they provide from an information standpoint, committee-wise, just personal-wise, they're just such an asset. So a very valuable program."

- Senator Saxby Chambliss, Capitol Hill, March 2011

Sec. Gates

Senator Mark Udall, Colorado

SEN Udall, "I wanted to comment on your comments about the NCO in residence opportunity here. I had the great privilege of having a Master Staff Sergeant Rubio serve for a year in my office in the first year of the NCO fellowship. It was phenomenal. And I want to just underline the importance of that approach.

- Senator Mark Udall, Capitol Hill, March 2011